Once upon a time…

In the Andromeda Galaxy there once was an alien princess named Cherry. Why was her name Cherry you might ask? She was born on the night that the cherry blossoms bloomed. Cherry's favorite color is pink because her hair is pink.  Even though she was Princess of the Nebula she felt very lonely and sat in her room wishing for someone she could relate to. No one ever tried to talk to cherry and they often walked right by her. I understand Cherry's longing because I once lived in a faraway lonely place.


Cherry brushes her hair continualy. Her makeup transmogrifies constantly to reflect her mood. Her favorite movie is Funny Face and she's only seen it once. She's read He's Just Not That Into You over twenty times. Unlike most aliens, she actually likes the taste of flowers. She surrounds herself with mirrors, but is afraid of her own reflection. Cherry is Scorpio and is very emotional and possessive. Cherry believes the saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.