I am a San Francisco based performance artist, photographer and psychic medium. My work predominantly examines our human self-obsession in the social media epoch as well as myth-making and identity creation as a response to trauma. I often portray the female body in compromising erotic poses and movements in order to investigate the intersection of attraction and narcissism, identity and the illusion of intimacy in social media. 

Interested in sexuality, feminine identity, and the role of technology in American society, my drag influenced performance art comes together to explore the interplay between female/drag/pop culture and social systems that affect modern connected/constructed identity. Humor, pop songs, elaborate costumes and contemporary dance, are my tools in deconstructing stereotypical female representations. I expose, in my live performance and photography, the practice of representation itself, and challenge my audience to question its own attraction and repulsion.

My favorite color is pink. My favorite flower is the tulip. I am your alien princess.